Cloud DW/360 VS Traditional On-Premise Data Warehouses

Cloud DW/360 allows us to trade CapEx for OpEx, which means you can turn it on when we need it and turn it off when you don't. Your electric meter and monthly bill for usage is the best example of how you are billed for using an off premise Cloud.

Cloud data warehouses can also persist for months or years depending on the application.

Many would have you believe that data warehousing in the Cloud is somehow different than traditional data warehousing. It is not.

Cloud data warehousing is not a way to get around integrating and normalizing data into a single version of the truth. There are no cross platform joins across heterogeneous databases. That's the domain of our sister .com,

You still need to extract data from the source systems, whether they are in the Cloud yet or not, load the data into the Cloud staging area, transform the data to cleanse, integrate and normalize it, and then load it into Cloud DW/360.

The database resides in the Cloud and is available for analysis to customers, suppliers, employees, BA applications, and operational systems on a global scale.

We have Numerous BA and BI tools that we use to perform analytics and deliver the intel to your knowledgeworkers, applications, and decision makers that need the information.

Cloud DW/360 is elastic and agile. It can use up to thousands of virtual machines in a shared nothing, massively parallel architecture and can manage many terabytes to petabytes of data and untold number of BA and BI applications, but you don't need to deal with any of that.

Cloud DW/360 grows and shrinks, as needed. Remember the light switch? Cloud DW/360 takes care of all of that for you.


The physical instantiation of a data warehouse can be up and running in minutes instead of weeks or months. As demand for resources change, new servers are added to the Cloud or idled, and virtual machines are provisioned or terminated. Not to worry, Cloud DW/360 takes care of all of that for you.

Cloud DW/360 does not require you to own dozens of CPU cores, SANs, replicated systems, or proprietary data warehousing appliances. A 1500 node cluster of Hadoop? Forget about it. Not necessary.

The architecture uses commodity hardware running open source software. Data is replicated automatically across nodes in a Cloud cluster and will continue to run in the event of one or more node failures. Data is restored on recovered nodes automatically without DBA assistance.

Data is archived in real time to remote servers automatically. If an entire data center is taken off line for whatever reason, Cloud DW/360 continues to operate without you ever being aware of the "problem."

Every effort is made to minimize the cost of "ownership" of an off-premise Cloud. For instance, there is normally an 80% reduction in the amount of storage needed to operate Cloud DW/360 and these savings are passed along to you.

Overall, our goal is to have Cloud DW/360 to cost about one tenth of the cost of an on-premise appliance-based solution.

Upon signup, Cloud DW/360 automatically and completely provisions a secure, fully clustered high-performance analytic database system that is hosted in the Cloud and immediately ready to serve your needs exclusively.


Let's review the economics of an 0n-premise versus Cloud DW/360-hosted data warehouse:

Time to Terabayte? For an on-premise data warehouse it takes from weeks to months to purchase, install, and configure software and hardware while Cloud DW/360 is available in a matter of hours from sign-up to data loading.

Startup Costs? For an on-premise data warehouse you need server hardware, SAN, DBMS software, ARC software, mirror-imaged, hot standby elements across the board, and facilities for disaster protection and recovery. This might cost from hundreds of thousands to many millions of dollars US. Cloud DW/360 has all of the features of the on-premise solution except it is up and running almost instantly for a fraction of the cost.

Ongoing Costs? For an on-premise data warehouse there are maintenance fees, depreciaton expense, and admin overhead. With Cloud DW/360 there is a monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of the on-premise solution.

Data Center Overhead? For an on-premise solution there is floor and rack space, cooling and power costs. With Cloud DW/360 there is no data center overhead.

Scalability? The on-premise solution scales painfully migrating to new hardware or DBMSs. Must often over-buy up front to accommodate future growth. Cloud DW/360 scales seamlessly, as needed, by adding instances to clusters (or remove them). Again, you don't need to deal with any of that.

Purchase Approval? Complex process funded by Capital Expenditure budget and requiring a 3-year ROI model. Cloud DW/360 can be funded by a departmental Operating Expenditure budget requiring as little as a 1-month ROI model.

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